February 8, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Falmouth resident attests the impacts are real

www.southcoasttoday.com 8 February 2012

Curt Devlin gave the clearest and most pertinent presentation I have seen to date on the grisly effects of too closely placed industrial wind turbines on populations.

As an unfortunate resident of Falmouth who lives 1,662 feet from Falmouth’s Wind 1 turbine, I will swear on the tallest stack of Bibles that living near one of these machines has caused my family a multitude of undue hardships.

I know I sound like a broken record, so often repeating our detrimental health repercussions, huge discount in the quality of our life, reduced property value and loss of rights to utilize our property as we previously did. We are now driven from our own outdoors and the gardening we had previously enjoyed.

Wind turbines make very poor neighbors.

All along, I have stated that I will fight for my rights and health until the turbines are removed. The truth is that with time and lengthened exposure one becomes sensitized to the sound. The source turbine becomes an object to be loathed.

I now at times go into a panic attack just from the sight of the turbines in the distance as I approach my home. Does it matter what science is behind the cause of these detriments? Whatever the reason, we know that it is directly linked to the operation of a wind turbine. What will it take to get the state departments of Environmental Protection and Public Health and local health boards to admit there is a problem? No doubt there will eventually be a case where an “annoyed” abutter kills someone.

It seems there are not many people who believe just how bad being subjected to continual turbine noise can be. It is likened to a trauma where one can be triggered to lapse into panic attacks, unmanageable anxiety, palpitations, extremely high blood pressure, irritability and anger.

And people wonder why we are up in arms attempting to get our lives back in order.

We know that the turbines must go.

Thank you, Curt Devlin.

Barry Funfar


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