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Alternatives exist to wind project

I am writing in response to the latest example of arrogance that the administrators in the town of Fairhaven have once again demonstrated. Yes, I am referring to the wind turbines proposed in a residential area in the vicinity of the Wood School. I will be living in the shadow of these 400-foot behemoths if they are built.

I am not an opponent of renewable or alternative energy, however we are learning every day that we simply don’t know enough facts about the health hazards related to wind turbines in close proximity to people and wildlife. This is a plea to the “powers that be” to halt this project until more can be learned about possible adverse effects to those who will reside near the wind turbines.

First of all, the location is all wrong! Really? In a conservation area? Maybe not technically, but Little Bay conservation area has been beautified and enjoyed by thousands of residents and non residents alike. Birders and bicyclists alike frequent this beautiful area; I have seen many deer and other wildlife frequently in this area. This is one project that was done with the town residents in mind. Now this little slice of solace is going to house two 400-foot industrial wind turbines?

The Wood School is going to be located just half the distance to the Fairhaven wind turbines. What is frightening is that the sound that is making people sick in Falmouth can’t be heard, can’t be seen however the effects are still going to be felt.

Let’s not forget the Senior Community Center, which is also in closer proximity to the turbine site. Imagine if our elderly loved one could no longer attend their social functions with friends at the community center because they become ill related to this hot-air boondoggle.

For me, the story gets even more personal. My fiancee suffers from multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system. This affects her balance and brings on bouts of depression along with other aliments that I will not go into.

My point is that if half of what the residents in Falmouth say is true, related to the health hazards brought on by their wind turbines, I fear that my fiancee’s condition and others with similar aliments may worsen with these wind turbines.

Researchers Stephen Ambrose and Robert W. Rand, who specialize in sound studies, conducted their research in a residence over three days last April located approximately 1,700 feet from the Falmouth wind turbine. The researchers experienced nausea, dizziness and anxiety, among other side effects. They also reported having difficulty performing “normal activities” associated with the investigation, which included setting up instruments and observing measurements, the report states.

Results also assert that wind turbines cause “visceral” physical reactions and that sound waves from turbines are felt more intensely indoors than outside.

As residents we cannot even erect a new shed on our property without town approval. I am stunned on how quickly this has been pushed through! Dr. Bowcock has shown once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We as citizens have no choice in the matter of our own well being, doctor, really? It is time to go!

There is another source of renewable energy that is more reliable and constant. It is called the moon, do not laugh. The moon controls the ocean tides and as long as we have the moon we will have tidal currents, they are always running.

Currently there are underwater turbines in use and are proving more effective and reliable then the land-base wind turbines. There are plans under way for the Cape Cod Canal and there is a study under way in Vineyard Sound regarding these underwater turbines. Now imagine the currents’ ebb and flow though the gates of our very own hurricane barrier. Imagine a sight unseen, constant power source, and reduced impact on our health and well being, not to mention the environment.

There has been talk in the past of a solar farm located on mount Fairhaven (previously known as the town landfill). What happened to that initiative?

The fact is when the wind blows some people will get sick. The DPW wastewater site that has not functioned correctly since last summer may be able to eliminate their utility bill, but shouldn’t the town consider fixing the leaky tanks on Arsene Street as more of a priority?

Residents of Fairhaven, please do not fall for the hot air that is wind energy.

Earl Jorgensen lives in Fairhaven.