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Report noise from turbine

Dereck Wade is not alone in reporting Glyndebourne turbine noise problems (‘Celebrity launch for wind turbine’, January 20). There are other unsolicited, independent, credible reports.

Some relate to Sunday, January 15, when people were in their gardens during the first period of reasonable weather since commissioning. However, problems are not associated with a single wind direction and seem to include all those from SE to SW.

On turbine ‘launch’ day Mr Christie, Glyndebourne’s chief executive, explained on Radio Sussex that ‘the locals’ (or was it yokels?) could be placated by stopping the turbine during south-easterly winds. Sadly it would need to be stopped over the arc SE to SW. We already know that the turbine is liable to fatigue damage when wind is from the NE quadrant. And ‘opera hampers on the lawn’ will be affected by winds from W to NW. There is little left!

The noise was reported to involve both a continual whirring (or mechanical) tone and a rapid ‘whump-whump’. These noises were heard within Ringmer at distances of up to 1,200 metres from the turbine, four times greater than the maximum range claimed by the developers, Glyndebourne Productions Ltd (GPL). It is therefore clear that thousands of villagers could be affected in due course. I made exactly this prediction during the public inquiry and on several occasions via this column.

Paradoxically, perceived turbine noise is higher at lower wind speeds, so problems are likely to worsen during spring and summer.

These may affect both the ‘garden experience’ and nighttime sleeping with open windows.

It is important that we now collate all reports of such incidents. The obvious recipients of such reports are Lewes District Council’s Planning Department and Ringmer Parish Council – hopefully both will rapidly initiate and publicise a coordinated reporting procedure.

It would also be most helpful if noise reports could be copied to me via glyndebourneturbinenoise@gmail.com. Please include details of date, time of day, location, approximate wind speed and direction, nature of noise (continuous and/or beating) and a subjective ‘annoyance factor’ from nought to ten.

Thus far Glyndebourne’s attitude to our village has been characterised by supreme indifference. Surely Ringmer residents now deserve the courtesy of a detailed, early statement from GPL’s chief executive?

Dr Tony Parker,