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Wind project boundaries presented to Board Of Supervisors

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – In November, the Board of Supervisors asked the Kern County Planning Department to come up with a plan that would essentially protect certain rural areas from massive wind projects. Tuesday was the deadline.

This afternoon the planning department proposed several options that work toward creating boundaries around certain communities to protect them from the wind projects they’re constantly fighting.

“Nobody I’ve talked to wants these windmills in our valley whatsoever,” said Brian McDaniel, a Twin Oaks resident. “Stop the destruction of our pristine valley.”

McDaniel’s message was echoed several times over during a packed house Board of Supervisors meeting.

“(We have) beautiful pristine mountains, and they want to chop it up and put wind farms on it,” said Tony Lirocchi, a resident. “It’s time to say no.”

Most in attendance were residents from mountain communities like Twin Oaks and Tehachapi, which are places that are seeing a number of wind mill project proposals.

“Our stance (is) we think wind energy is farce so we don’t want to see it at all,” said McDaniel. “I know I’m up against a humongous backlash for saying that, but that’s where we stand.”

The meeting on Tuesday is something residents like Lirocchi would like to see because he says none of the options presented will do.

“I hope they’ll reconsider destroying the Piute Mountains,” he said. “There’s got to be some other areas that don’t offer the same beautiful pristine (view) that that area does. There’s got to be some other areas they can use.”

The meeting wrapped up after 5 p.m. The board voted to go with the concept of one of the four proposals. Before making any final decisions the board decided to re-work the specific boundaries, meet with the communities involved and get public comment again.