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Politician-driven initiatives being done at our expense

At last we have at least two concerned, thinking, intelligent adults who use experience and common sense to address current issues.
The excellent letters were submitted by Dorothy Biggs of Westernport (“Allegany and Garrett counties sitting atop a green minefield,” Jan. 25 Times-News) and by Chris Hagen of Edgewater (“Politicians attacking the rich to prey upon people’s envy,” Jan. 25).
I too believe politicians are jeopardizing water supplies wherever fracking is allowed. Common sense says man, regardless of the studies and claims, cannot safely control where fracking chemicals go or predict the geological damage routes the procedures cause.
Thus the probability of contaminated water supplies is very high. Where, in the politicians support, does it say these same politicians will be mandatorily relocated along with their families to live in the damaged area sites should such damage occur?
Mr. Hagen, in his letter, correctly states politicians are driving the envy of the 1 percent folks’ successes with the 99 percent folks.
This is a well disguised ploy by our elected malcontents who neither take accountability or responsibility for loss of jobs, burgeoning rules and laws stifling businesses, and more government control of free enterprise. What I see, in the majority of politics, are the politicians self-enrichment desires taking precedent over the harm to the citizens.
Absorb the “wind farm” lessons: 1) Government subsidizes wind generator projects, making some rich. 2) Job creation and dollar subsidies to local governments are small. 3) Electrical generation is about 1 percent of the total needed. 4) Wildlife and environmental real damages are ignored. 5) Noise pollution harms citizens’ tranquility and ways of life.
I don’t believe we can stand anymore government or politician-driven initiatives at our expense.
Richard Merson
Moorefield, W.Va.