January 31, 2012
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Dong Energy abandons attempt to place wind turbines in Kappel

27 January 2012, Kappelgruppen, www.visigernej.dk

It took the Kappel Group 5-1/2 years of exhausting struggle – but it has been worth it!

Friday 27 January 2012: Dong Energy* has confirmed that they have abandoned their immense wind turbine project of 40 MW in Kappel. Kappel citizens and the many summer home owners in the area can now breathe a sigh of relief and no longer fear having their sleep and health destroyed by wind turbine noise.

One local residents’ association and 39 property owners in Kappel still have still three appeals pending with the Nature and Environment Appeal Board that they want addressed. There are many points of principle in their complaints that may affect other wind energy projects, and the complainants would also like an opinion regarding whether some of Lolland Municipality’s politicians are disqualified from the political proceedings.

The vast knowledge that some of Kappelgruppen members have acquired in the past years will not be lost. They have had to familiarize themselves thoroughly with studies on wind turbine technology, noise regulations, etc.

Kappelgruppen was also involved in the formation of the National Association of Wind Turbine Neighbors (www.stilhed.eu) and will continue to support the national association’s work. Only by standing together do citizens have influence. The wind turbine industry has got too much power, and in many municipalities – e.g., Lolland – it has been possible for them do whatever they wanted. Politicians do not have the power to delve themselves into the projects.

One thing that continues to be fought for is to change the wind turbine order that came into force on 1 January 2012 and was adopted on a completely unreasonable basis. It will only protect one party, namely the turbine owner.

Lolland Municipality and Dong Energy would not listen to the neighbors 5-1/2 years ago when they suggested a slightly less ambitious project with smaller turbines which would not require high-intensity lighting. Such a project would, in Kappelgruppen’s view, have gone through the various consultation processes without major protests.

If a new wind turbine project comes up in Kappel, we expect a constructive dialogue with politicians and turbine owners about it.

With the knowledge that team members have today of wind turbine neighbors around the country and around the world who are violently tormented by insomnia, headache, dizziness, etc. because of their new neighbors – giant wind turbines – all future projects will be very carefully scrutinized.

We are still supporters of wind energy – even in Kappel – but placed with care and due regard for the people who must live close to wind turbines.

On behalf of Kappelgruppen,
Rita Petersen
Kirsten Nielsen
Ellen Rasmussen
Peter Hansen

www.visigernej.dk (“We say no”)
Member of the National Association of Wind Turbine Neighbors

*Dong Energy is 76.49% owned by the Danish state.

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