January 30, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Devlin’s presentation was clearest of all

www.southcoasttoday.com 28 January 2012

Curt Devlin deserves an apology. Unlike the other presenters at the forum on wind turbines in Fairhaven Tuesday night, he was the only one that presented and demonstrated the supported medical-referenced material at the general populace’s level of understanding.

He performed remarkably well in his researching the referenced material, organizing it, and presenting it to the general public … at the concerned level of interest.

He may not have had as much education as the other presenters, but he was the only one who produced an outstanding effort of evidence to the general public welfare (for the present and for preparing them for possible consequences). He demonstrated the true meaning of friendship: informing and caring about the safety and health of the Fairhaven public.

The other presenters were only interested in financial gains/profitability from their contracted companies or public agencies.

The war goes on until all Fairhaven residents have a say on the safety, health and legal considerations of the installation of these two wind turbines.

From the numerous scientific and researched website reference material, personal testimonies of people living near wind turbines and observing forum presentations, my decision will not change: Oppose the installation of the two wind turbines. Install them at another location with a legal, safe distance from homes and schools. Have the public vote on the new location.

Cesar D. Sousa


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