January 29, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Wind turbine scam typical of government ignorance

Cape Cod Times, www.capecodonline.com 29 January 2012

As with the vast majority of government selections of projects worthy of investment, wind generators are not only a mistake but a deliberate scam.

Capitalism is repeatedly undermined by government that knows little to nothing of the technology and the requirements necessary to formulate a reasonable capital investment. Government is now being used as a tool for preselection of winners and losers depending on the political persuasion and the amount of donations put into the coffers of corrupted public servants.

To have accepted the intrusion of government into the use of types of light bulbs is beyond my comprehension and continues as a classic example of the pursuit of an alleged utopian ideology promoted by past political systems that are at odds with a constitutional republic and individualism that we have nearly lost.

Don C. Hayward

Monument Beach

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