January 29, 2012
Florida, Letters

Wildlife ‘holocaust’

The Miami Herald, www.miamiherald.com 29 January 2012

The planned 119 wind turbines in Palm Beach County will not clean the air, nor will they reduce consumption. They will, however, create environmental damage. According to the Golden Gate Audubon Society more than 100 golden eagles, 350 burrowing owls, 300 red-tailed hawks and 333 American kestrels are killed by wind turbines annually.

If wind power made sense, why would it need government subsidies? The wind farm experience has left 14,000 turbines no longer in use and decaying. Green energy such as solar is great, but wind turbines create a holocaust for our wildlife.

Gabriele K. Colin, Boca Raton

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/01/29/wildlife-holocaust/