January 28, 2012

Kelda Water Services plan turbine to power pumping station at Graincliffe Reservoir, High Eldwick

Telegraph & Argus, www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk 278 January 2012

Critics say plans to build an 85-metre wind turbine near an historic pub on the moors above Bingley will become a “blot on the landscape.”

Kelda Water Services wants to build the turbine to power its water pumping station at Graincliffe Reservoir, in High Eldwick, and sell surplus energy back to the local electricity network.

But Robby Wild, landlord of the Dick Hudson pub, which is 900 metres from the proposed turbine, believes it will blight the landscape.

He said: “I think it will be a blot on the landscape. People come here for the views, so obviously they don’t want to see something like a turbine.

“I understand it is a way forward for producing power, but it is a shame to spoil the countryside.”

The proposed turbine will have 30- metre-long rotor blades and will be designed to operate for 25 years. It will be located less than a mile from Crossflatts and Eldwick. The Dales Way Link path also runs 900 metres to the east of the site.

Kelda Water plans to conduct a public consultation before applying for full planning permission.

If approved, the turbine will be installed next year.

Councillor David Heseltine, who is one of the ward councillors, said: “You have to weigh the visual impact on the open countryside and the effect of noise on neighbouring properties against the environmental benefits of producing renewable energy to pump water.”

A Kelda Water Services spokesman said a scoping application had been submitted for a single wind turbine to explore the options and consider the environmental aspects of the proposals with Bradford Council.

He said a public consultation would take place between February and April.

The spokesman added: “Kelda Group, the parent of Kelda Water Services and Yorkshire Water, is committed to creating sustainable sources of energy and reducing carbon emissions.”

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