January 28, 2012

Concerns raised over Teversal wind turbine plans

Mansfield Chad, www.chad.co.uk 28 January 2012

Teversal residents have spoken out against plans to build a wind turbine in the village.

Plans have been submitted to Ashfield District Council for a wind turbine and 15m-high tower to be built at a site on Shepherds Lane.

But householders living near the proposed site say the turbine will blight the countryside, damage woodland and create noise.

Nearby resident Peter Swaisland says he would rather see solar panels installed rather than a wind turbine.

“I agree with green energy but there is a right place and a wrong place,” he said.

Mr Swaisland also believes that the wires that go from the turbine to the property will damage tree roots in the nearby woodland.

In addition, he is concerned that noise from the turbines will cause problems for his horses, particularly when they have foals, and may be harmful to other wildlife.

“We have heard from people in other areas that bats get killed off and we have got a population of bats,” he added.

Nine-year-old Caitlin Mason says she is worried the modern turbine will ruin the view of the countryside from nearby Hardwick Hall.

She says: “It might stop people from coming here because it’s modern. They should leave it old. I think it should be left as it is.”

Meanwhile, Coun Jason Zadrozny, whose Sutton North ward includes the site, has called in the application so it will be considered by Ashfield District Council’s planning committee.

He said: “As yet, I have not seen any evidence to suggest that it is a good idea.

“The best thing is to hear it in public so residents can come and see the discussion and it is transparent.”

The plans have been submitted by Poole Agrihold Ltd and the application is being handled by planning consultancy firm Aspire Planning Ltd.

A spokesman said the nearest house was around 240m away and that the turbine would be small in scale and screened by trees.

He added: “The wind turbine will be inaudible at the distance of the nearest property; this is confirmed in the noise data included with the application.

“The applicant purposely located the wind turbine further north of the trees to create as large a possible distance between the small copse of trees and the turbine. Research into the effects of wind turbines on bats are still on-going and not yet conclusive so creating this separation distance was an important consideration in its siting.

“The small group of trees which the cable runs through are on land owned by the applicant. The applicant has no desire to damage or remove these. The power cable is relatively small in size meaning there is no need for extensive ground work.

“Noise, ecology and visual impact are all considered with any wind turbine application. The application seeks approval for 20 years after which the land must be returned to its original state.”

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