January 26, 2012

Regulations call as turbines blow over

The Star, www.thestar.co.uk 26 January 2012

Four small wind turbines in rural parts of South Yorkshire have been blown down in recent gales – prompting a call for safety regulations to be tightened.

Penistone Town Council is set to make the plea to the Government after being told by former councillor Steve Marsh about four turbines being blown down in the Pennine hills near Dunford Bridge, where there are numerous turbines.

Mr Marsh, a former member of Barnsley Council, said: “The turbines had been blown over in fields and the blades of another turbine had been blown some distance and were stuck in a wall next to a road.

“These could have easily gone through the windscreen of a passing vehicle and injured or killed the driver and anyone inside.

“Safety regulations concerning wind turbines need tightening up because on the Continent there are specific distances for them from roads and homes but not in the UK.”

Coun Barnard said: “Legislation for turbines, especially distance from homes and roads, seems to be very haphazard. I am asking for this to be raised with the Government.”

Sheffield and Rotherham councils said they have received no reports of turbine damage. Barnsley said it had received a report of a turbine losing its blades.

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