January 26, 2012

Double turbine plans blown off course

The Galloway Gazette, www.gallowaygazette.co.uk 25 January 2012

An application for two 100m wind turbines on farmland between Kirkcudbright and Dundrennan was rejected by the council’s planning committee this week.

Plans for the turbines, set for Galtway Hill on Milton Farm and sought by farmer Dick Picken, had received 35 letters of support and 13 objections.

Extensive reports before the council told that the pair of matt off-white finish constructions would be visible from various beauty spots and popular tourist locations in the area, and Scottish Natural Heritage stated that “the turbines at 100m to blade tip are too large a scale for this landscape view.”

Objector Peter Houston spoke to say that the turbines would be “totally out of scale with local features and topography.”

Several other objectors also spoke of their concerns, raising fears over the potential for damage to a nearby fort which, they claimed, brought visitors to Galtway Hill.

Mr Picken’s agent Grant Mackie said that the turbines would assist with the Scottish Government’s commitment to renewable energy.

He added that the construction of the turbines would also see new footpaths and story boarding for the fort, and Mr Picken spoke to say that the renewable energy sources would allow his family to continue their 127-history at the farm.

Councillr Patsy Gilroy voiced concerns over how the turbines would be brought to the farm, claiming there was no way they would have made it over any of the bridges leading to the site – namely those at Kirkcudbright, Tongland, Mutehill and Dundrennan.

She was told that the council’s roads department hadn’t raised similar concerns, but the application was overturned by the committee.

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