January 25, 2012

Wind test ordinance review set

By Jannaya Andrews, Decatur Daily Democrat, www.decaturdailydemocrat.com 24 January 2012

Adams County Building/Planning and Zoning Director Neil Ogg addressed county commissioners at Monday’s meeting regarding the proposal of a wind test tower to be built in Adams County.
Ogg requested County Attorney Mark Burry review the county ordinance under which the proposed construction falls in order to ensure there are no lingering questions before Gamesa, the company erecting the test tower, resubmits to the planning board next month.
Burry responded that the building/planning board should review the ordinance first, then return to the commissioners if there are any concerns or issues in the way the ordinance is written. Gamesa failed to meet ordinance regulations set forth by the county, requiring it to file for a variance and seek permission again next month.
Ogg expressed concern after a large group of area residents attended the Building/Planning board meeting January 19 to voice concerns over a wind test tower to be built near their homes.
Ogg reported that the building/planning board heard of the proposed tower roughly the same time residents did and had not anticipated a strong reaction from citizens.
“When the ordinance was passed in March of 2010, nobody came to the meeting to express concerns (they may have),” Ogg said.
Ogg noted that this is a meteorological database for Gamesa, not a wind turbine, that will provide the company with information as to whether or not a wind farm in Adams County is even feasible.
The proposed device would be located at 200 E 1100 N on the farm of Leroy Boegher.
Although last week’s meeting of the board drew a large crowd, only one person attended the commissioners’ meeting and that person said he just wanted to know what, if any action, the commissioners would take Monday.

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