January 25, 2012
Letters, Vermont

Wilderness is a form of freedom, power companies aim to put it in chains

The Chronicle, 25 January 2012

About Green Mountain Power’s wind project on the Lowell Mountains in particular and the attempt to turn the state of Vermont into a wind farm in general.

Do people know:

— That wind power from Green Mountain Power’s wind project legally can and will go out of state?

— That Green Mountain Power helped to finance Governor Shumlin’s election?

— That an adviser to Governor Shumlin wants to put giant wind turbines on 200 miles of Vermont ridgelines (David Blittersdorf, who made his fortune selling wind turbine parts)?

— That Green Mountain Power is a wholly owned Canadian corporation – and will rake in some forty million dollars in federal production tax credits on its Lowell project?

— That wind companies target low income towns like Sheffield and Lowell – the bait is the promise of lowered property taxes? But visual pollution is the result for neighboring towns – who are treated to red-night-lighted, daylight waving arms surrounding them. Take a look at Sheffield’s shattered skyline. You can see it from many towns, and from Interstate 91.

— That it isn’t necessary for Vermonters to sell their wilderness birthright for a mess of potage? For just one instance, Hydro-Quebec sits there with enough excess energy to supply Vermont forever.

— That a three-man Public Service Board (only one of whom is full time) is deciding Vermont’s wind farm fate? And so far they have yet to encounter a wind corporation they didn’t like.
Their decisions “in the public’s interest” are in a wind corporation’s interest, rather.

— That wilderness is a form of freedom and out-of-state wind companies, for the sake of profit, aim to put that freedom in chains?

Yours truly,

Addison Merrick

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