January 19, 2012
Letters, Maryland

Find another way to promote wind power

The Baltimore Sun, www.baltimoresun.com 19 January 2012

Count me among the minority. I don’t favor adding $2 to our utility bills to pay for wind mills (“Public favors offshore wind power, poll says,” Jan. 11). While I’m in favor of wind power and yes, $2 is not that much, let’s look at what is really happening here.

Electricity generated by any source is not delivered directly to the consumer. It is sold to brokers on the open market who then resell it to the highest bidder. So what that $2 will actually do is make the electricity cheaper to the brokers while people on fixed incomes or no income will be subsidizing rich energy brokers.

Is this really an appropriate use of a bill for a necessity – our electric bills – as a tax on the poor to line the pockets on the rich? Find another way to pay for it.

David Plaut, Reisterstown

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/01/19/find-another-way-to-promote-wind-power/