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Birds of a feather flop together

I have seen the future and it is a landscape littered with useless wind turbines, dead birds and billions of wasted taxpayer dollars.

That is, if Bob Brown, his specific Greens (upper case, official) and the greens (lower case, unofficial, assorted, equally destructive) get their way.

As discussed on Tuesday, not only are Brown and the Greens totally indifferent to the mass slaughter of birds by the turbines. The one small mercy is that their very uselessness reduces the kill rate.

But the Greens even go so far as to, ahem, figuratively put their fingers in their ears and chant Na Na Na, kindergarten style, to anyone trying to draw their attention to the matter.

Reader Andrew Chapman, who drew my attention to the estimate by Spain’s Ornithological Society of that country’s sacrifice of six to 18 million birds and bats every year on the altar of energy stupidity, emailed the same information to federal pollies. The response from Sandy Bowden in the office of Brown’s deputy Christine Milne was, “please unsubscribe me from your mailing list.”

Chapman also drew the pollies’ attention to a CBS News report on 12 “clean” energy companies that had been approved for $6.5 billion of funding in the US that were all heading for the knackery. Including the infamous Solyndra.

Obviously Milne and Brown and Co would not want to know about them. Not when they are lining up to throw away $10 billion of taxpayer money on similar uselessness Down Under.