January 19, 2012

A windy day in the city

By Tasha Impey, ABC South East SA, www.abc.net.au 18 January 2012

It’s the wind war which won’t blow over, evident when over one hundred protestors gathered on Parliament steps in Adelaide to oppose a proposed legislation regarding wind farms.

Made up of regional and rural South Australians from across the state, banners sent a clear message to the state government – ‘We don’t want wind farms near our homes’.

Opposition members David Ridgeway and Robert Brokenshire addressed the crowd, both of whom rejected the state government’s proposal.

The proposed legislation stipulates that wind turbines must clear a distance of 1 km from a regional centre and 2 kms from a home.

It also removes the right of a third party appeal.

Controversy has continued to surround the issue as South Australia tries to maintain its’ status as a leader in clean energy.

Emotional presentations followed the protest when land owners spoke at a submissions meeting in opposition of wind turbines near their homes and towns.

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