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What are the wind power costs?

A big thank you goes to the American Bird Conservancy to help slow down the notion that wind energy is the answer to our energy needs. The Argus Leader has published many articles on wind energy but never once has told us what the costs would be. According to energy analyzers, energy consumers would have to pay outlandish prices if wind energy became a major part of our energy production. Media investigators should look into the costs.

An energy watchdog organization, Access to Energy, has analyzed some of these production costs.

Windmill energy companies have been on a roll ever since they were given a back door into the taxpayers’ pockets with subsidies for windmill construction – and front door for higher prices than their competitors for their products as government-designated “green” energy.

Another newsletter, Outstanding Investments, reports that Wisconsin wind power costs 10 to 11 cents per kilowatt hour, while nuclear costs 4.5 cents and coal costs 6 cents. The 10 to 11 cents does not include the extra costs for wind energy. A story in the The Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2010, titled “Natural Gas Tilts at Windmills in Power Feud” tells how the people in Texas are taking an economical beating from wind power.

I believe that the only way the Obama administration can bring the cost of wind energy to be competitive is to force the utility companies to raise the present cost of energy by 5 or 6 cents. They can do this by having the EPA raise the emission standards so high that energy companies are forced to install expensive equipment that will significantly increase the costs. Read Argus Leader article “EPA rules threaten 70 older power plants” Dec.19. I hope my electric utilities don’t fall into this wind power trap.

Glen R. Wollman