January 14, 2012

Neighbours get wind of plans for six turbines

North-West Evening Mail, www.nwemail.co.uk 14 January 2012

Residents have been given a glimpse of a potential six-turbine windfarm at a community consultation event.

The first of two drop-in sessions offering an insight into the proposed Langthwaite development near Millom took place yesterday.

Concerns about noise and the number of developments across South Copeland took precedence.

The event, in Kirksanton Village Hall, showed residents photo montages depicting the site. The consultation has been running for more than two years and REG Windpower, the company behind the proposals, has reduced the size of the site from eight turbines to six and shortened them from 125m to 100m.

Abb Chambers, of Bankhead, Haverigg, was among those who turned out to inspect the plans.

Mr Chambers said: “Where we live if you look out of the front window we would see these turbines, you turn left and there are turbines at the prison and you look right to the turbines on the fells near Askam.

“We have got to have such things but the answer isn’t to put more turbines but to find a way of harnessing the power they generate.

“We’ve got to have something but this just looks like the government is trying to get the numbers up – ticking the box for the EU.

“I’m not against turbines but we’re being surrounded.”

The development could generate enough power to supply 6,500 homes per year and will create a £48,000 community fund.

Plans are due to be submitted to Copeland Borough Council’s planning department “this winter”.

The turbines are said to generate between 35 to 45 decibels from 300m but Mavis Grove of Bankhead, Haverigg, was concerned about volume.

She said: “It’s no use saying you can’t hear them – I’m deaf in one ear and I can hear them whirr at night.

“I’m not against windfarms – I don’t believe in nuclear because if it goes wrong it can be devastating but I don’t think it’s fair for us to look out of the window and look up the road at a load of turbines.

“I’m not saying I don’t want them – I just don’t want to be surrounded by them.”

Ian Lawrence, an REG Wind Power representative, said: “People have come with open minds about it.

“They have been keen to see where the turbines are going and they’re interested to see how they will appear to the community.

“It’s good people have taken the time to come and look around.”

A second drop-in session takes place today in Millom Network Centre in Salthouse Road from 9am to 4pm.

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