January 14, 2012

Fears wind turbines could affect tourism

Geraint Jones, North Wales Chronicle, www.northwaleschronicle.co.uk 13 January 2012

The Anglesey tourism industry could be hit if proposals for gigantic wind turbines on the Island are approved.

Anglesey Against Wind Turbines believes that major wind turbine developments could deter tourists from visiting the Island.

A spokesman said. “The hospitality industry on Anglesey employs 2,505 people directly and 3,668 people are reliant on the industry for their jobs.

“When the tourist attractions and specialist small businesses catering for walkers and cyclists are added to these figures it can be seen that anything which threatens tourism will have a major impact on the Island’s economy,”

Llangefni Town councillors decided on Monday to write to Anglesey Council and request that no further developments are approved.

The council’s planning and orders committee last week deferred two applications,and ordered a site visit to a 39 metre turbine in Bodneithior.

Anglesey planning officers recommend that councillors approve the turbines, subject to noise conditions and traffic

The Countryside Council for Wales did not object to the proposals.
However, the council received objections on the grounds of the turbines’ size having a detrimental effect on nearby properties, possible effects on tourism and traffic problems during construction.
Anglesey MP Albert Owen warned that a formal strategy for wind turbines could lead to large development placed “arbitrarily” across the Island.
Mr Albert Owen, who urged residents to participate in Anglesey and Gwynedd Councils’ joint consultation, which is being held as part of the draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on offshore wind energy.
“At present we have no such strategy and it can mean that the planning laws are ad-hoc with wind turbines tens of metres tall potentially sited arbitrarily across the Island,” he said.
The consultation runs until Friday, February 10.
For more information, call the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Planning Policy Unit on 01286 685 001.

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