January 13, 2012

Windwise schedules its own forum, presents petition to Town Hall

By Peggy Aulisio, Editor, www.southcoasttoday.com 12 January 2012

FAIRHAVEN – Groups opposing the wind turbines and seeking changes in town government delivered a petition to Town Hall Monday seeking a special election. The petition had about 300 signatures, Kenneth Pottel of Windwise said.

Windwise went ahead on its own and decided to hold a forum on the health risks of turbines on Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Congregational Church.

But on Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen came up with a date of Tuesday, Jan. 24, for a wind turbine forum at Hastings Middle School, beginning at 7 p.m.

Hearing about the town’s forum, Mr. Pottel said he would talk to members of his group and see if they still wanted to go forward with one on Jan. 26.

Mr. Osuch said experts would be coming from the state on wind turbines and their health risks. He would not give their names, but said they would include members of the medical field.

Earlier, Mr. Pottel had faulted the town for taking so long to set a date. And meanwhile, construction work was taking place at the site near the new bike path off Arsene Street.

Both sides were waiting as of Tuesday night for a decision by Superior Court Judge Thomas McGuire on a request for a temporary injunction.

Mr. Osuch said the fact that the judge hadn’t responded yet was a sign he did not think the injunction was a high priority.

The hearing seeking an injunction was held on Jan. 3. The attorney for Windwise, Ann DeNardis, filed a supplementary motion, dated later that day. In it, she argued that no building permit was ever issued for lot 8A.

She wrote, “Despite the lack of a building permit, construction was commenced on Lot 8A on Nov. 11, 2011.”

Town Counsel Thomas Crotty said last week that he would be submitting a response.

The town has entered into a contract with Fairhaven LLC to build two industrial-sized turbines. Last week, Gordon Deane of Fairhaven LLC, said if the town reneges on the contract, he will sue.

On another front, Windwise presented petitions Monday with more than 300 signatures at Town Hall. The petition calls for a special Town Meeting to vote on three articles, including one to stop the wind turbines. The others call for term limits and allow more days for gathering signatures for a recall of elected officials

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