January 13, 2012

Unanimous thumbs down for wind plans from Immingham Town Council

Grimsby Telegraph, www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk 13 January 2012

Immingham Town Council has unanimously opposed proposals to build two wind turbines in Manby Road.

It is the latest setback in the landowner’s three-year battle to secure planning permission.

As reported, about 30 worried residents attended a meeting of the town council to express their concerns, with some saying they “feared for their lives” if the 44.5m turbines were installed and subsequently exploded or the blades came loose.

Many brought along cuttings from national newspapers which reported instances where turbines had blown-up in high winds to back up their claims.

Both residents and town councillors also had concerns over the noise, vibrations, visual impact, decreased house prices and shadow flicker from the blades, which they claimed could cause cars to swerve off the road.

However, a small wind report conducted by turbine installation firm Segen, submitted to North East Lincolnshire Council’s planning department, found no reason why the two Vestas V27 wind turbines could not be installed at the Meldan Fabrications site.

Site owner and applicant Lee Dickinson hopes the turbines will eventually power two steel fabrication workshops on the site, with any surplus electricity being put back into the grid, adding they will generate enough power for 100 homes at about 461,370 kWh.

He said about 20 jobs could also be created as a result of the construction, installation and maintenance of the turbines.

A design and access document also submitted to NELC claims the chimneys and cranes of the nearby port – and an Orange phone mast on an adjacent site – will ensure they do not look out of place.

Mr Dickinson said: “I have been trying to get planning for this site for three years and I don’t see what the problems is.

“It would be a small wind farm development, which has low impact on the environment.

“It is located on industrial land overshadowed by oil refineries.

“The turbines are small in comparison to other specifications available.

“It is not on a greenfield site and it would be a very small scheme, which can only boost the area.

“It is quite sad that Immingham is behind with renewable energy and I think it could only improve the area.

“This will be the last roll of the dice for my planning application for the turbines.”

But residents living in nearby Woodlands Avenue, which is approximately 130m from the site, disagree.

Alan Bridge said: “These are not small machines.

“They are about 150ft high with a span of 90ft.

“We would feel the vibrations, hear and see these monstrosities all day and night.

“If we wanted to sell our house there would be no chance, because the first thing you would see is the turbines.

“It would not only be residents in our street who could see them – the whole of Immingham would be able to.

“It would truly affect people’s lives.”

Mayor of Immingham, Neil Castle, agreed with the majority.

He said: “We assure residents we will do the best we can to put a stop to this development.

“I have seriously taken into consideration all your concerns, that these wind turbine will be noisy and unsightly.”

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North East Lincolnshire Council will make the final decision at a date yet to be set.

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