January 13, 2012

Turbine pressure group encourages council to be strong

by Stuart Gillespie, Galloway News, www.dgstandard.co.uk 12 January 2012

A windfarm pressure group is urging the council to take a strong approach to the issue of turbines.

Turbine Watch 312 (TW312) organised an e-mail petition over the festive period after being concerned the council was being forced to “water down” its draft interim planning policy on wind energy development.

And they received 275 responses – the majority from people in Dumfries and Galloway who are not TW312 members.

TW312’s Keith Mycock said: “The purpose was to draw councillors’ and planners’ attention to the deep concern felt by a significant number of local people about the need for the finalised interim policy to provide unequivocal protection from the adverse impact of wind farms, including adverse impacts on quality of life, jobs, incomes, property values, health and well-being.

“All signatories wish to see defined safeguards which prevent cumulative negative impact on the region’s assets – namely its people, landscapes, natural and built heritage, tourism and recreational businesses – and which impose effective control on the rampant development currently in train.

“Many of the signatories have been motivated to devote hours to study the renewables debate and others have, or have had, careers dealing with the issues associated with wind energy.

“It is too early to see what effect it will have and too early to expect any response from individual councillors or planners.”

The petition was sent to every Dumfries and Galloway councillor, senior planners and local MPs and MSPs. A council spokesman said: “The head of planning and building standards has received the petition and will respond directly to the organisation.

“We’re aware of the concerns expressed as they reflect issues raised in many of the responses to the public consultation on the draft policy document carried out last summer.

“The council will consider a revised interim planning policy document at the planning, housing and environmental services committee on February 14.”

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/01/13/turbine-pressure-group-encourages-council-to-be-strong/