January 13, 2012
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Regulations are needed on all wind farms

www.oglecountynews.com 13 January 2012

Ogle County is beautiful and offers much to its residents and visitors.
It’s the home to three state parks, six nature preserves, and the Rock River that offers much in the form of recreation, sports, and relaxation.
I believe that most residents want to preserve what we have, but there are those who want change for their financial gain.
I’m referring to the development of wind farms.
Ogle County has taken a thorough look at the effects that wind farms have on a county and its people.
I’m grateful because industrial wind towers have mushroomed in counties surrounding Ogle and they’re not without problems.
The Ogle County Board has responsibly stopped new construction of industrial wind towers until the end of February when newly drafted Ogle County wind farm regulations are likely to be voted on by the board.
Ogle County Board committees, subcommittees, applicable professionals, and residents have contributed to the development of the regulations.
In my opinion, they are not strong enough, but the regulations need to be passed by the Ogle County Board as presented in whole.
They are much better than what is currently in place and what would be followed without the new regulations.

Tricia Mallon

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