January 11, 2012

STOP claims turbines will be ‘highly visible’

Melton Times, www.meltontimes.co.uk 11 January 2012

Campaigners fighting a proposal for a wind farm near Melton have released pictures of how the turbines will look from all approaches into the town.

This photograph, taken from a viewpoint more than three miles away on Melton Spinney Road, shows one of the turbines from where a blimp was flown last August.

In the picture you can see John Ferneley College while the houses on the ridge are in Horseguards Way and Abingdon Road.

Peel Energy has applied to erect eight 125m turbines and a ninth which would be 108m to the tip of the blade on UK Coal land between the Asfordby villages and Ab Kettleby.

Emma Musson, of behalf of STOP (Stop the Turbines Oppose Peel), said: “This photo shows the massive difference in scale between the domestic turbine the school has compared to the proposed industrial turbine which is more than two miles further away.

“All the turbines will be highly visible from this point stretching to the right of the picture.

“These turbines will be seen from miles around having a significant effect on the rural nature of Melton and a huge impact on the landscapes and heritage assets within the surrounding countryside.”

STOP claims that with large turbines so close to people’s homes there may also be issues of noise, particularly at night when people are trying to sleep.

It has also produced a series of pictures showing turbines added to photographs of the blimps flown last year with a focus on the heritage assets, such as Welby Church and Ab Kettleby Church. These have been set to English Heritage.

More photographs are being posted on the website www.STOPtheTurbines.org

Peel Energy submitted additional information relating to ecology and the impact on the landscape and historic environment last November.

Melton Council said everyone who has commented on the application will be contacted once a committee date is set.

To view the application and find out how to comment go to www.melton.gov.uk and view the application 10/00951/FUL.

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