January 10, 2012

Trader Joe’s market coming to town

The Foxboro Reporter, www.foxbororeporter.com

Patriot Place plans to welcome a ‘neighborhood’ grocery story to its retail attractions in 2012.

Trader Joe’s plans to open one of its specialty food markets in the south market of the Route 1 complex, Kraft Group confirmed this week.

“Without question, the No. 1 comment we receive when soliciting customer feedback is ‘You should get a Trader Joe’s,’ ” said Patriot Place General Manager Brian Earley. “We’re happy to give our customers what they want.”

Trader Joe’s has leased existing space between Christmas Tree Shops and Staples. The 16,000-square-foot store will be Trader Joe’s 18th Massachusetts location.

It will be the only within a 15-mile radius of Foxboro.

Among other Massachusetts locations, Trader Joe’s lists stores in Needham Heights, West Newton, Brookline, Burlington, Framingham, Boston and Cambridge.

“Trader Joe’s meets a demand in the marketplace and introduces a new category to the offerings at Patriot Place, providing unique and exciting everyday grocery shopping to the retail, dining and entertainment elements our visitors love,” said Earley.

Building commissioner William Casbarra said an architectural firm representing Trader Joe’s called the building department Tuesday asking about the building permit proces, and saying they are in the process of putting together an application to install a store in an existing building at Patriot Place.

The store began in the 1950s as a small chain of convenience stores called Pronto Market and changed its name to Trader Joe’s in 1967, the website says.

More solar energy

The building department also received conceptual drawings for Kraft Group to expand its array of solar panels on the north plaza of Patriot Place and to install solar panels on buildings in the south plaza.

Under the current concept, the walkway between the buildings on the north plaza would be covered with fixed awnings, which would hold the electrictity generating units.

The awnings would also provide some cover for pedestrians.

In 2010, The Kraft Group unveiled a photovoltaic power system with 2,556 solar panels across seven rooftops at Patriot Place. Generating 625,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, the existing panels supply approximately 30 percent of Patriot Place’s power, according to Kraft Group.

There are no solar panels on Gillette Stadium itself, Casbarra said.

The conceptual plans also show a wind turbine, without any height specifications. The planning board has held three public hearings on a proposed wind turbine bylaw, and is scheduled to resume its hearing on Feb. 9 on the wind turbine, town planner Sharon Wason said.

Wind turbines are not an allowed use under Foxboro’s current zoning bylaws.

The board is working with Kraft Group to adjust the wording of the bylaw Kraft Group previously submitted, to allow smaller windmills on homes and businesses, as well as the utility grade turbine Kraft Group envisions for its Route 1 property

The is the Kraft Group is seeking a bylaw to allow its tower to be up to 500 feet as measured from the tip of a vertical blade to the ground, planning board vice chairman Bill Grieder said.

The board has discussed safety issues and the flicker effect causes by the rotating blades.

Wason said the safety “fall zone” for even a 425-foot tower would cover nearly 15 acres.

“They just want to make sure it’s safe,” Wason said of the board.

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