January 10, 2012

Palmyra Township verifies referendum

The Advance, www.blissfieldadvance.com 10 January 2012

PALMYRA â€“ At the Jan. 5 regular monthly Palmyra Township meeting, the board discussed excess drain water in the Man-Nor Farms subdivision, ended a firefighter’s probation and verified that a referendum to overturn the recently passed wind energy ordinance will make the ballot.
Palmyra resident Laura Van Camp recently handed in a petition she and other members of the anti-wind energy Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition had been circulating in Palmyra. Van Camp and other residents seek to overturn the ordinance the board approved in November that regulates industrial wind energy development. Developers have said the ordinance is protective of residents and leaves a place for wind energy in the township. Opponents say it is too lenient and does not sufficiently protect the health and property values of those who would live near wind turbines.
Township clerk Samantha Meyers said of the 238 signatures that were turned in, she was able to verify 186, which is 76 more signatures than were needed to put the issue to a public vote in May. Meyer said she would draft the ballot language and send it to township attorney Frank Riley for approval. Supervisor Jim Isley says the board expects to approve the ballot language by its Feb. 2 meeting.

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