January 8, 2012
Letters, Washington

An ill wind blows

The Spokesman-Review, www.spokesman.com 8 January 2012

As I read the Dec. 31 Roundtable Guest Opinion, I kept saying to myself, “Are you nuts?” Then, when I got to the end, it all became very clear. The author is right in the middle of what I call the biggest legal money-laundering scheme of our generation: wind energy.

I have been watching wind energy in California since (Gary) Hardke’s Cannon Power Group started in 1979. At first we joked about what rich doctor got a huge tax break for investing in a turbine. Then, when our electric rates quadrupled, it ceased to be a joke.

Wake up, people. Wind energy is very good for those in on the scheme. The rest of us can watch our electric rates rise higher than the turbines.

Rick Kiesz

Thornton, Wash.

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/01/08/an-ill-wind-blows-2/