January 6, 2012

Derby wind critic: questions must be answered

Robin Smith, Staff Writer, The Orleans Record, orleanscountyrecord.com 6 January 2012

An insurance specialist has urged Derby Line officials to make sure there is sufficient insurance covering water and sewer lines that could be affected by the proposed Derby wind project.

And Fred Satink, loss control specialist with the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, said in a letter that the town of Derby and the village of Derby Line may want to ask the wind developers to have insurance or bonding to cover members of the public as well.

Satink wrote the letter last week to Derby Line Clerk and Derby Selectman Karen Jenne who is a vocal opponent of the Derby wind project.

Jenne raised questions about liability and coverage with the league, where the village and town have insurance coverage.

Jenne said Thursday she is concerned about the impact on water lines and the reservoir that run near the proposed sites of the wind turbines on two farms east of Interstate 91 and Derby Line.

She also raised questions about whether “ice throw” from the turbines, when built, could be a liability for the town.

The village and town are covered by the league’s insurance plan.

The reservoir and valve building on Herrick Road is covered by the insurance, Satink said. Herrick Road is between the Davis farm turbine site and Interstate 91.

But underground water and sewer lines are not.

Jenne and others have raised questions about whether trucks delivering parts to the wind sites on the Chase and Davis farms would damage underground water lines.

“It is appropriate to have concerns about potential damage to town and/or village infrastructure,” Satink said.

Since the impacts are unknown, it is hard to know what potential damage could be possible, he said. But he suggested that the town and village make sure that the developer has sufficient insurance coverage or bonding to cover any potential during construction of the wind sites and during operation.

He suggested that the town and village check to see what other developers are offering for coverage in these cases in Vermont or elsewhere. Also, he suggested that the town and village can ask the developer what types of coverage and limits are being proposed and then decide if that is sufficient.

Jenne expects to raise these and other questions to the developer, Chad Farrell of Encore Redevelopment and partners, at a public meeting set for 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Derby town office.

Encore Redevelopment is seeking state regulatory approval for the two turbines.

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