January 3, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Falmouth resident offers warning to Fairhaven

www.southcoasttoday.com 2 January 2012

Having had a utility-sized wind turbine forced upon our private lives by wind energy professionals, sound engineers and well intentioned town administrators and town boards, I need to comment on the tFairhaven wind project.

I have followed most large-scale wind energy proposals across the state of Massachusetts over the past years and have to say this Fairhaven plan has to be the most outrageous display of reckless and irresponsible wind turbine siting that I have seen. This project should be viewed as a total embarrassment to the field of energy use, energy conservation and the goals of self-sustainability.

To the developers and engineers of this project, shame on you. To the selectmen, Board of Health, Planning Board – to all citizens of Fairhaven: You must stop this project. Common sense alone could be the only reason, but many other reasons, specifically zero safety zone, negative health effects, proximity to the bike path, residences, as well as the new school, should be looked at very closely.

Do not be like Falmouth. It took us 19 months to shut the turbine down. Doesn’t that tell you something is wrong? From one person of many who have lived it, you must understand, these turbines are way too big to be this close to the population.

Neil Andersen


URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/01/03/falmouth-resident-offers-warning-to-fairhaven/