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Brolgas in danger from wind turbines

Well said Mr Ramsay but please do not forget all the fauna and flora wind companies will destroy.

As in Chepstowe’s case brolgas will be destroyed as well. At Chepstowe the landowner who owns the classed Very High native grassland the turbines are going on has just recently acquired an adjoining valuable property with yet another documented brolga nesting site.

The poor brolgas will have three massive wind turbines sitting in the middle of all their nesting, feeding range and fly-over sites.

One has to ask the question: is our local DSE protecting the flora and fauna at Chepstowe as it should?

Why has the Pyrenees Shire councillors not enacted the important DSE overlays at Chepstowe? Why has the majority of the ratepayers at Chepstowe-Snake Valley petitions not been a priority?

Is it a good idea to destroy not only an endangered species as the brolgas but other fauna and flora at Chepstowe for the sake of three wind turbines? Is this progress?