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Now wind farms paid to turn off

Operators of Britain’s wind farms are being paid millions not to produce power.

Almost £7million was paid by the National Grid to 17 operators to turn off their turbines in the first nine months of this year.

It is estimated that the payments for the whole of 2011 could amount to £9.9million for firms to disconnect their wind farms from the National Grid.

The huge sums mean some renewable energy companies were paid more to switch off their turbines than they would have earned with them left on.

Payments are made when too much electricity floods the grid, leaving the network unable to absorb any excess power generated. The cost is ultimately paid for by consumers through energy bills.

Sir Bernard Ingham, of Supporters of Nuclear Energy said: “What a total and utter farce.There has not been a single wind turbine built in this country without a subsidy and now we are subsidising them to be shut down.”

Energy Minister Charles Hendry said the National Grid is reviewing the way it calculates payments.