December 28, 2011
Letters, Vermont

NIMBY wants debate against industrial wind

Written by Peter Romans, 28 December 2011

Recently Paul Burns, director of VPIRG, referred to the resistance to the destruction of the Lowell Mountains as NIMBYs. If supporting a position with accurate scientific, statistical, economic and ecological data makes me a NIMBY, then so be it. In the past I have also been a commie, hippie, un-American, agitator, soft on terror, weak, tree-hugger, flatlander, liberal, radical, agitator, sympathizer and environmentalist. I’m OK with it, though, because responding by labeling reveals a desperation inherent in weak arguments. We, the people, usually prevail against the status quo, corporate wealth or the powers that be once the debate resorts to vilifying.

In an effort to resolve this debate once and for all, I’m throwing down a challenge to VPIRG, et al. I propose a debate, open to the public, between the NIMBYs and industrial wind advocates. Name your champion or panel of experts and we will provide our unvarnished data. As public advocates, we are driven to make knowledge the preemptive criteria in this discussion. Then the people can make an informed choice.

So, bring it on VPIRG. Bring anyone you like, including the governor, Conservation Law Foundation and global warming experts. More than anyone though, the NIMBYs want to debate Green Mountain Power. We want to hear how electricity from Lowell turbines will counter the “game over” destruction resulting from their Alberta tar sands investments. Mr. Burns, we the people await your response.

Peter Romans lives in Greensboro.

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