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Wind farms take note

A couple have settled a High Court damages action against the owners and operators of a wind farm they say drove them from their farmhouse home with its ”unbearable” noise. (Daily Telegraph) Mr and Mrs Davis, who live in Linconshire, were seeking an injunction to bring about modification of the operation of the wind farm, plus £400,000 damages to compensate them for the noise nuisance. Their farm is less than 1K from the Fenland Windfarm and they blamed the ”whoom whoom whoom” and the low frequency ”hum” of giant turbine blades for their exile The case was described as being of general importance because hundreds of other families say they have suffered similar disturbance from wind farms up and down the country. Wear Point Turbines will be less than 1Km from a number of dwellings in Hazelbeach, Waterston& Neyland.

Please let’s stop these turbines at Wear Point before we the public have to subsidies the energy companies & land owners to fight these costly court actions, which they are doomed to loose.

David B. Williams