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Stop hurting our state

It is amazing what is happening to our state, right beneath our noses. In addition to the governor endorsing corporate greed and a nonconfirmed and rather inexperienced judge, personal land rights appear to be in the hands of those who have the most political influence. You may be considered a trespasser on your own land.

Utility wind turbines are growing in Vermont quicker than mushrooms in a cow pasture. In addition to the Sheffield and Lowell turbine projects, more projects are being considered for Derby, Ferinand/Brighton, Georgia/Milton, Bolton, Eden, Grandpa’s Knob, Searsburg and Deerfield. Revised town plans may keep the marauders away but people must act now to make this happen.

The pristine headwaters of the Missisoquoi and Black rivers are destined to be degraded. Reclamation projects could restore the Lowell Mountains and headwater flora and fauna, if we could figure out how to compress 450 million years of growth into 30 years of restoration. Lake Champlain cleanup may soon face new challenges; prepare to spend your money on this one.

Does our governor have a plan to replant our forests that once helped cleanse – at no cost – our atmosphere of greenhouse gases? Does the governor have a plan to deal with reduced property values within two miles of utility wind turbine sites? Will property taxes increase beyond the two miles to make up the shortfall in revenue? Neighboring states’ reappraisals may open your eyes.

There are other forms of renewable energy that are more cost-effective to build and less environmentally damaging. Please contact your elected officials and ask that the environmental degradation of our state stop now.

Michael Gohl