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Reverse wind policies

Well, the verdict is in. Wind power is a scam. It is overrated, it is inefficient, it is very expensive, and it is going to cost all the electric rate payers a ton of money on your electric bill.

How do I come to that verdict? Because the Oregonian, the East Oregonian, the LaGrande Observer, the Albany Democrat-Herald and the Tri-City Herald have all had editorials or articles stating these facts in their papers.

Who has brought these monstrosities to the Northwest? The federal government, the Oregon state legislature, the Washington state legislature, Gov. Kitzhaber and Gov. Kulongoski of Oregon, the governors of Washington, both Oregon U.S. senators, Wyden and Merkley, and federal legislators from Washington. Then we have the county commissioners of all the counties on both sides of the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon.

Why? Money, greed, payola. In Oregon they have now moved Arlington right up to the base of the Blues.

When are the voters of these two states going to demand that the legislators start saying no to the money and start listening to the wants of the people? You can start voting these people out of office starting next year. If you need an incentive to vote just think of your electric bill going up 30 to 50 percent in the next two years. Then think about looking at them for the next 40 years like the people of southern California have been doing.

It is now in your hands; pick up your phone and call your legislators and tell them that you do not want them to renew the subsidies for wind power.

James Burns, Weston (Dec. 18)