December 23, 2011

Wind turbines plans collapse

Lancashire Evening Post, 23 December 2011

Neighbours living close to a mini-wind farm are celebrating after plans to put up the turbines were shelved.

The plans to build four turbines on land off Wham Lane in Little Hoole have been withdrawn after reports due to complete the application were not given to planners on time.

Today, businessman Harry Sutton behind the plans said he still wanted to build the turbines on land he owns at Chestnut House Farm and said he was talking with defence giant BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) about their objections that the turbines would interfere with radars.

The Protect Little Hoole group, made up of residents living around the Gill Lane area of the South Ribble village, said they were “delighted” the plans had been withdrawn after more than 200 objections.

Spokesman Cathy Roper said: “I would not be surprised if he does come back with another application, but I am glad that this one has been withdrawn, I just wish he had done it weeks ago.

“The objections by BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence have made a real difference because the applicant does not seem to be able to convince them his turbines will not affect the radars.

“If he does have another application, we will continue to make the argument against it which we have been making for the past six months.”

Mr Sutton, who has submitted the application through his SA Estates business, said he was still speaking with BAE and the MoD about the application.

He had previously said that installing the turbines, which would be used to power his farm, was vital to keeping the business going due to spiralling energy prices.

He said: “I am still talking with BAE and the MoD about it, I do not have a timetable of when it is going to happen, I do not understand what the rush is.

“It could be three months before we get anywhere, it could be more but I am still looking to go ahead with it. It is down to the council what it does.”

The plans were submitted through Mr Sutton’s firm, SA Estates, and were due to go to South Ribble Council’s planning committee next month.

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