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Maine voters vote on wind eight times, Maine voters reject wind eight times

Newry voters approve restrictive wind power ordinance
This comes on the heels of the restrictive ordinances approved by MAINE CITIZENS on and since Election Day last month:


Deer Isle


Peru (Moratorium, not ordinance)




Eight recent votes on wind power…eight votes against wind power.

Also, earlier this month it was revealed in the Bangor Daily News that “Portland wants to set limits on wind power to keep turbines out of…

It is laughable that the wind industry’s rigged opinion polls conclude that 80% of Mainers like wind power, for when the REAL POLLS occur, the ones at the ballot box, Mainers overwhelmingly reject wind power, time after time. The wind industry itself has admitted that citizens in possession of the facts are a big problem for them.

Yes, the real opinion polls are not those paid for by the wind industry or their paid shills, but rather the ones where the VOTERS of municipalities decide on wind power after studying it. And they almost invariably reject it.

The state needs to stop letting itself be guided by the rigged industry studies, and based on the not insignificant number of towns who have thus far reported in, put the people’s very clear wishes first and undo the heinous expedited wind law. The people have spoken clearly and their message is clear “Provide Protection”.

To not do so is in direct defiance of the will of the people as surveyed in real poll after real poll – those at the ballot boxes.