December 21, 2011

UK’s first urban wind farm to be built in Hull

Hull Daily Mail, 21 December 2011

The UK’s first urban wind farm is set to be built in Hull, the Mail can reveal.

The £1 million project will see a 20 wind turbines installed on a site next to the Clive Sullivan Way in west Hull.

Two of the micro-turbines are already operating next to design company Inter Tech’s headquarters in Saltmarsh Court, Priory Park.

But early next year the site will host the UK’s first urban wind farm, featuring a total of 20 turbines.

Energy produced from the site will be sold to the National Grid.

The project is a joint venture between Inter Tech and British turbine manufacturer quietrevolution.

It is being seen as a test site for developing similar projects elsewhere.

Andrew Fenton, Inter Tech’s director, said: “I am really proud that Hull is going to be going to be at the forefront of this type of technology.

“These turbines are specially designed to work in urban areas and the potential for other similar sites in Hull, and elsewhere, is enormous.”

Until now, only small clusters of turbines have been installed in urban areas. The quietrevolution turbines are designed to work close to buildings and people because of their low noise.

After recently receiving planning permission for the scheme, Mr Fenton said agreement with a neighbouring company over the route of a connecting power cable had sealed the deal.

“This has all been about working in partnership to achieve something special,” he said.

“The city council has been very supportive through the planning process and I can’t emphasis the importance of getting agreement with D and J Leisure Services on the routing of the cable.

“Without that, it wouldn’t have happened.

“We have also received support and encouragement from residents living on the Summergroves estate and other local businesses.”

Wayne Hurley, quietrevolution’s marketing and product manager, said: “We are delighted to be the first developer in the UK to gain planning consent for a micro-wind development using our uniquely designed vertical-axis wind turbine.

“This new and innovative micro-wind development is a great opportunity for Hull to demonstrate its continuing commitment to the green agenda, while also providing employment opportunities in the renewable sector.”

The turbines will be installed next April.

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