December 20, 2011

Turbine brought down due to mechanical failure

The Berwick Advertiser, 18 December 2011

The Coldingham wind turbine brought to the ground due to safety fears last week suffered mechanical failure, according to police and the company which installed it.

Berwick-based Maden Design & Build insists the turbine at Bogan Green farm was installed correctly, but it was brought down after its precarious movement in the strong wind forced police and safety officials to close a busy road and evacuate a number of houses.

The turbine had been in operation for just over a fortnight when farm owner Alan Henry noticed the blades travelling at a much faster speed than normal

Maden Design & Build managing director Simon Maden explained: “It looks like the turbine’s break mechanisms failed. All parties decided a controlled collapse was the way to go. If we ever found ourselves in the same situation again I wouldn’t do anything differently.

“Things were made more difficult by the fact the turbine manufacturers are no longer in business. We were only alerted to this recently and it meant we couldn’t go to them for any advice. I am satisfied the turbine was installed correctly and properly tested.”

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