December 20, 2011

Mearns Community Council calls for clear guidelines for wind turbines

Concerned About Wind Turbines, 17 December 2011

Community Council says it is unable to support more wind turbine plans until guidelines are issued.

In its response to Aberdeenshire Council on multiple planning applications near Laurencekirk, Mearns Community Council writes:

“These single and one double turbine applications, whilst individually represent little impact on the surrounding area, have significant cumulative impact on the larger landscape.

Whilst recognising that each application is considered individually for its localised impact, Mearns Community Council strongly recommends that the cumulative randomised distribution of 50 metre and over wind turbines should not be allowed to impact on the landscape. Careful consideration therefore is required from an environmental aspect on proliferation of individual turbines.

Until clear guidelines are issued regarding location, environmental impact, neighbour proximity and cumulative impact, Mearns Community Council is unable to support these and any further applications within its area of responsibility.”

Click here to read Mearns Community Council’s response.

The response has been sent for the following proposals:

APP/2011/3796 – 2 x 46.5m/153ft wind turbine, Thornton Home Farm Cottage

APP/2011/2069 – 1 x 81m/266ft high wind turbine, Brigton Farm

APP/2011/3062 – 1 x 51/167ft high wind turbine, Gossesslie Farm

APP/2011/3064 – 1 x 51m/167ft high wind turbine, Caldhame Farmhouse

APP/2011/3066 – 1 x 51m/167ft high wind turbine, Waterlair

APP/2011/3067 – 1 x 51m/167ft high wind turbine, Upper Powburn

APP/2011/3070 – 1 x 51m/167ft high wind turbine, Scotston

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