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Consider the agenda

The debate about the proposed YP wind farm has generated a great deal of public interest. There have been many people both for the development and against, with ongoing provision of “the real facts” and “the real, real facts” and so forth.

I ask everyone take a step back and consider what each side stands to gain.

Obviously for the developers, the wind turbine hosts and the community, irrespective of any detrimental costs, there will be a very large financial reward for installing the towers in this region.

But what is the potential gain for those against the wind farms if they can successfully prevent the development? Absolutely nothing.

All they want to do is retain their lifestyle and livelihood as it has been for many generations.

They are a group of people who have no political or corporate aspirations, who are not professional troublemakers, who are not the disgruntled neighbours who weren’t invited to the party.

They have devoted hundreds of hours, as well as thousands of dollars to researching and informing about the negatives of having a wind farm in our district. They are not anti green energy.

They have risked alienating friends and neighbours because they firmly believe a wind farm’s adverse impacts are substantial and have not been fully considered.

They believe if the proposal goes ahead the ramifications will be to the detriment of every single person in the district.

Most importantly, unlike the developers, the many voices against wind farms will receive absolutely no financial remuneration should they succeed.

So next time you read propaganda for or against the proposed wind farm, please consider the author’s agenda.

Naomi Bittner, Curramulka