December 19, 2011
Letters, Oklahoma

Is wind energy involved in rate hike? 19 December 2011

Could OG&E’s 80-turbine wind farm with its $210 million transmission line be the reason for its request for a $73 million rate hike? Didn’t OG&E tell the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in 2008 that wind energy would save $635 million? What has changed so drastically since then, other than the decline in interest rates, natural gas prices and unit labor costs? What did the Corporation Commission think would happen when it rubber-stamped OG&E’s derailment into wind energy when wind turbines cost three times as much per kilowatt of capacity as natural gas-fired generating plants (not counting government subsidies and transmission lines)?

If OG&E and the commission wanted to practice political correctness, they should have figured out a way to do it without burdening ratepayers.

Harry C. Johnson, Yukon

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