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Wind meeting gives turbines the cold shoulder

LISTOWEL – Residents came away with a largely negative impression of wind turbines after a community meeting was held in Listowel Wednesday night.
Approximately 150 people attended the Listowel Agricultural Society Hall on Dec. 7 to listen to speakers about wind energy, and specifically how Invenergy LLC is seeking a wind project in the area.
Jutta Splettstoesser, a member of Friends of Wind Ontario, spoke in favour of wind turbines as a renewable source of energy, and as a farmer herself since 1993, shared many things with the crowd in attendance.
“We care about our communities and our future,” she said. “We want to be engaged in the energy conversations, and that really shows with how many people came out tonight.”
Splettstoesser said she lives among over 150 turbines in the Kincardine area, and is intent on dispelling some myths about wind energy. As far as health concerns from residents, Splettstoesser said repeated studies around the world have found no direct link between health effects and wind projects, and that wind energy is preferred when compared to other options like coal and nuclear power.
“When it comes to health, wind energy blows away the alternatives,” she said.
Splettstoesser also stated that wind power has been used successfully for decades and can be developed for the same cost as other power generation options of the same size.
“Wind power is creating thousands of jobs across Ontario, and letting us reduce the use of harmful fossil fuels,” she said…. Please read more in this weeks Listowel Banner