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Wind will bring unwanted effects

Wind energy is a highly subsidized energy source in the country today, with billions of taxpayer dollars spent each year on wind projects. Wind produces less than 2percent of our electrical energy.

As taxpayers in Virginia in these trying economic times, we should ask, “What will we get for the billions spent on industrial wind?”

We will get ridgetops full of huge, spinning blades to replace our mountain views. We will get to see wildlife habitat destroyed and birds and bats killed on a massive scale.

We will get to see neighborhoods devalued and communities disrupted.

We will get higher electrical rates. “Green laws” require existing energy providers to buy the small amount of electricity turbines produce at higher rates, which are then passed on to you and me.

What you will not get is less carbon in our air; that is a myth spread by the wind industry.

Not 1ounce of carbon has ever been removed from our atmosphere as a result of wind turbine operations.

If Big Wind comes to Virginia, your electric rates will soar.