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No argument for wind power

Response to your Dec. 2 editorial is compelled first by your respected leadership role as the regional paper. You, in my humble opinion, exhibit undue and inappropriate confidence in knowledge you simply cannot have. By challenging Senate President Therese Murray’s position on stopping the WESRA bill, you are inappropriately guiding the yet uninformed.

Your implied lack of empathy is palpable for your local communities concerns, let alone the rapidly expanding thousands of concerned worldwide associations and organizations.

There are many communities across Massachusetts and around the globe that have taken the time to become more informed and at minimum wish to apply a “precautionary principle” rather than become part of an ongoing experiment with their health, properties and communities.

Your statement on wind energy, “it is a green energy source that will reduce the reliance on energy sources that foul the atmosphere and contribute to global warming,” is respectfully and simply an unfounded institutional myth that our governor and you have evidently adopted.

Having looked hard to discover, there is as yet no verifiable, scientifically proven and replicable evidence that wind energy can, does or will do anything appreciable to reduce co2 emissions and help with global warming. There is extensive evidence to, at minimum, contradict or place into question those platitudes.

As a leader of uncommon position in the Berkshire community, you must be more on top of your facts. Simply ask those you interview to provide the three or four easily referenced sources that prove conclusively that what you have now stated is in fact true.

Without going out on a limb, I predict that there will many living in even distant proximity to Brodie Mountain turbines who will consider themselves already compromised in health, property values and more.

Any honest review and appraisal of the expressed and documented concerns of those who have opposed the Brodie and Hoosac wind projects, has to conclude that they have and have had legitimate concerns.

When the exponentially proven windier sites in Western states host hundreds of derelict wind turbines and the marginally windy Massachusetts sites are being proposed for turbines, it simply makes no sense.

You have it wrong on this issue and it could have proportionally unfortunate and potentially misleading influence.

As a long-time satisfied subscriber, I extend a plea to truly listen to your communities and citizens more carefully before taking a stand on this issue.