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Fairhaven board should accept advice on turbines

The news of the Fairhaven Board of Health (“Board of Health rebuffs residents concerned about wind turbine” Dec. 8) serves as testimonial to the disconnect government has with the citizen.

If it did thorough research, the Board of Health would find amounts of science-based data supporting adverse health arguments concerning the health impact of wind turbines. To shed further light and widen the board’s perspective, may I suggest that these new and unfamiliar challenges may be too big for a volunteer board. Only look across the bay to the Falmouth Board of Health dilemma. They’ve sought state guidance. To date. Silence from the Department of Public Health.

To gain the best possible perception, if the best possible solution is the desire, all views, sounds and experiences require consideration. Perceptions that are limited or are not given the full spectrum of truth’s light leave little chance for meaningful success.

The most damning aspect of the Fairhaven Board of Health’s selective opinion is the airy declaration that implies no further study of the problem is needed. Do they know five bills are in front of the Massachusetts Legislature asking similar turbine health questions?

The Fairhaven board serves as an example as exploiting the void left by absent fact-finding. Their behavior undermines the potential for the best possible success. Real people, having real concerns with Fairhaven’s industrial-sized turbine plan, cannot be minimized.

Is the health and well-being of those neighbors so easily expendable? Will the potential victims and their concerns, likened to those in Falmouth until recently, fade into the background winds of apathy, ignorance and greed?

If not to serve and protect the public good, what use has become of the Fairhaven Board of Health?

Mark J. Cool