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Wind turbine coalition post ‘wind vigilance’ reports

The group fighting to stop Saskatoon’s landfill wind turbine, a project being actively bid on by companies, has a website. They are also sending out media releases and requesting meetings with each councillor. Today, the group posted a response from The Society for Wind Vigilance to two reports. One of the responses is to the Ontario chief medical officer of health, Arlene King, who concluded in a report in 2010 that wind turbines cause “no adverse health effects.” Our latest story is here, wherein Saskatoon Light and Power’s Kevin Hudson says it’s very unlikely the project won’t move forward.

Saskatoon isn’t the only part of the country facing strong opposition to wind projects. The Globe and Mail’s Marcus Gee recently called the lobby against wind turbines “one of the strangest environmental movements Ontario has ever seen.” The biggest group there is Wind Concerns Ontario, who have an active blog.

From the Saskatoon Wind Turbine Coalition’s latest press release:

Both of these analyses strongly demonstrate the failings of the reports Saskatoon Light and Power is claiming state no adverse health effects will result from constructing their tall wind turbine. 

“This is a serious issue and it is shocking that Saskatoon Light and Power is relying on industry funded science, something the world health organization has condemned, and a thoroughly criticized report from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to try to defend the proposed tall wind turbine for Saskatoon. The bottom line is these reports are hardly scientific, the project isn’t safe, doesn’t make economic sense and a growing portion of residents and councillors are shocked at what they are learning,” said Chris Fossenier, on behalf of the Saskatoon Wind Turbine Coalition. 

The analysis of each report was prepared by the Society for Wind Vigilance, a international organization of renowned medical professionals and peer reviewed scientists. The Society is Chaired by Dr. Robert McMurtry, Canada’s former Deputy Minister of Public Health, a former special advisor to the Romanow Commission on the future of healthcare in Canada and 2011 Order of Canada recipient.