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Keyser homeowners disturbed by wind turbine noise

KEYSER, WV – Green Mountain in Keyser has been known a peaceful and idyllic place to live, but in the past month, residents say all that’s changed because of 23 new wind turbines that they say are piercing the silence.

“The noise, it sounds like a subway in our yard,” says resident William Shillingberg.

“A jet flying around, or a train coming through,” says another resident, Donald Ashby.

“It’s like someone is setting out front of your house with the base turned up real loud on their vehicle,” says homeowner Gary Braithwaite.

They say the culprit is 23 new wind turbines. Pinnacle Wind Farm went into operation on November 4th. Since then, residents say it has disrupted their peace and quiet.

“I have woken up several nights from the windmills,” says Ashby.

Residents say the turbines produce a loud, steady noise that’s anything but peaceful.

“It’s not every day, but it seems like to me in my house, it’s every night,” says Braithwaite.

Now they’re asking Edison Mission Energy to keep them off at night. The U.S. Wind Force says the sound measured no higher than 56 decibels at the nearest residences. However, at the closest home, it could be heard through the wind, which was measuring at levels above 70 decibels.

Ashby was on the advisory committee for the wind farm.

“Everybody’s looking for jobs in our area, so I was in support of it at the beginning,” he says.

Many homeowners on Green Mountain are now petitioning Edison Mission. The U.S. Wind Force says none of the energy generated by the wind turbines is going to West Virginia. It’s all been purchased by the University of Maryland, and the Maryland Department of General Services.